Pre-demolition activities, including environmental assessment, utility terminations and abatement, on four University-owned residential properties on the north side of Princeton Street (between Greene Ave. and Parmer Ave.) will begin next week. The addresses of these properties are 2800, 2816, 2820 and 2824 Princeton Street.

Demolition of these properties is expected to begin in late February, and we anticipate the process will take approximately 30 days to complete. TCU will work with its demolition contractor to preserve any trees in that area, and the University will maintain the properties while specific plans for the new fine arts building and school of music continue to evolve in alignment with development goals for this portion of campus.

Due to their extremely deteriorated conditions, two additional University-owned residential properties will be razed and returned to green space. The house at 3009 Waits Avenue will be razed Jan. 27 and the house at 2801 Merida the week of Feb. 6.

TCU has directed construction crews to be mindful of pedestrians and vehicular traffic in the area. We respectfully ask that you be aware of construction vehicles and traffic as well. All contractors will work diligently to maintain a safe environment.